Letter of Understanding

     The purpose of this letter is to establish an understanding between myself and my clients, to insure successful interaction, and to insure
satisfactory results.. The following statement applies mainly to large projects.

     The simple formula for success is:
             Reasonable deadlines.
             Understanding the process and protocols.
             Open Communication.

The work I do falls under the heading "Creative".
There are protocols that must be followed in order to avoid derailleur of the creative process. A client's specifications may change once or many
times during development. Samples will generally go back and forth until firm decisions are made. This is completely normal, however it can cause
stress within those who do not normally engage in creative work. It can lead to deadline stress.

The deadline is probably the most sensitive issue. Deadlines are generally always too tight to accomplish all of the goals because the upstream
operations generally always run behind schedule. There are ways in which the process can be altered to facilitate a tight schedule. It is the client's
responsibility to either allow reasonable time for the project, or to understand the real world implications of a shortened timeline.

For the record: Any changes to the specs that are deemed necessary in order to meet a deadline are the responsibility of the client to make. I will
never randomly ignore a request because the deadline was not properly assessed from the start. Some technicians behave that way because the
client has made them responsible for meeting a deadline that was not possible to meet. Again, the client bears responsibility for either allowing
adequate time for the project, or for making the decision about how to alter the specs in order to meet the deadline.

Communication must remain open and timely. I ask many questions in order to avoid misunderstanding, and also to prompt the client to crystalize
his or her own thoughts on the project. Verification is self explanatory. Disputes are more likely to arise whenever the process is left aloof and

For the large projects a 50% Advance is required and weekend work will be charged at Time + 1/4.