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     The services I provide range from Image Retouching, Manipulation, Design and Creation. to
Outdoor Photography Assignments such as Architecture and Landscape. Travel and Documentary
Photography. Custom Web Site Design.

I work over the internet via secure FTP, YouSendit, email etc.

     My specialty is Adobe Photoshop. My experience with Digital Imaging starts in 1993, and with Photography
in general it starts in childhood. I believe it accurate to say that I've done it all. Chemical and ink Photography,
Print Media, Catalogs, Pre-Press, Post Production, The Web. I am quite comfortable at any level of complexity from 
Minor retouching to the whole cloth manufacture of imagery and Concept fulfillment. Color accuracy,
Color profile management.

     I am meticulous and thorough. Problem solving as applied to challenging or large scale projects is my forte.
I work on a modern Apple / Mcintosh platform. I am creative and collaborative. I will find a way to accomplish
the goal, or offer functional alternatives. I am among the best at what I do.

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